Barricade (Full Size)

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Image of Barricade (Full Size)

This the "Barricade" is one of my favorite creations and was specifically designed to feature two unique sides. One being steeper and the other with a more mellow approach. With this obstacles versatility, you just can't go wrong. Use the top like a rail or hit the sides like a spine. This obstacle is perfect for anyone who wants a ramp with unlimited opportunities for trick variations all in one! This guy is the "Big Brother" to the Barricade Mini.

This item is made to order. (Created after item is purchased)

Orders come with L-Wax, Non-sliders and stickers!

8.5in long x 3in tall x3in wide


Image of Barricade (Full Size) Image of Barricade (Full Size) Image of Barricade (Full Size)